About Us(技術紹介の英語版を公開しました。)


All our products are processed and manufactured in Japan.

SEIRIN has been a leading manufacturer of acupuncture needles and occupies the highest market shares of acupuncture needles in Japan. Based on our long time experience in the acupuncture industry, we have developed the technique of straight linear processing and point processing for ultra-fine steel wire which are proprietary to us. Taking advantage of these technique, we have developed products that meet customers’ demands in a variety of fields, including medical and precision equipment.

Straightening process

We buy wire that is coiled. So we begin the process with straightening coiled steel wire.


We have a technique that is straightening processing of ultra-fine steel wire.


Point processing

we cut the wire in the length of your request. In addition to the conventional grinding work, we have developed and built own technique for polishing the tip of needles. With this technique we are capable of processing the tip of the ultra-fine steel wire into a spherical shape that we had never achieved so far. (The radius of the point depends on a diameter of the wire.)


We can make a sharp tip point with a radius of 1μm.

We can make a spherical tip point with a radius of 3~5μm.

Basic Information




we can process mainly stainless steel wire.We can also process other type of steel wire other than stainless steel wire.Please ask us for more details.

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